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Passing Value To a User Control From a Web Page
By Anoop Unnikrishnan

This article will give you a brief idea how to load a user control dynamically and pass values to it. This can be also taken as a best example for the use of properties.


Step1: Create a web page- default.aspx and place a place holder in it.

Step2: Create a user control- my.ascx and place a label in it.

Step3:In my.ascx.cs write the following code


public string prop //property


set { Label1.Text = value; } //write into property


Step4: Pace the following tag in default.aspx

<%@ Register Src="my.ascx" TagName="my" TagPrefix="uc1" %>


Step5: Place this code in default.aspx.cs

Protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


if (!Page.IsPostBack)


my uc = (my)Page.LoadControl("my.ascx" ); //loading the user control dynamically

uc.prop = "anoop"; //assign the label text a value



Analyze the above code. Hope it will be of great help. For any queries please contact me at